Massage in a Yurt

This past weekend we had guests staying in a yurt to celebrate their anniversary and enjoy a much needed break from children and everyday stress. While staying in a yurt is relaxing adding a massage in a yurt makes it even better.

They asked if we could arrange for a massage in their yurt. Other guests have  requested massages in the Cardinal Suite in the past, but this was the first in a yurt, and we were glad we could accommodate them.

Our son’s wife Cassandra happens to be a holistic massage therapist and offers a great massage.   Innkeeper Mary Beth can attest to that – Aaahhh!

In the morning guests were served breakfast at 8:30 in the screen porch patio. Cassandra arrived with her portable massage table and innkeeper Fred carried it down to the yurt during breakfast to help Cassandra get ready with warm towels, massage oils and relaxation music.

Our yurt guests each enjoyed a 60 minute massage. The husband finished his breakfast and read on the patio during his wife’s massage. She took a shower at the bathhouse during his. And Cassandra performed her magic – relaxing muscles and easing tensions.

The yurt turned out to be a great place for a massage after breakfast. The round shape and location in the woods make a great environment for peacefulness and relaxation.

UPDATE: Due to scheduling issues we no longer offer massages in yurts or rooms. There are several spas in the area that offer massages. Many guests like to go to Jolie Day Spa located in downtown Dahlonega. If interested you need to make an appointment because they can be very busy during weekends and wedding seasons. Check the chamber web site at

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