Dahlonega Art

dahlonega art brad walker pottery

Dahlonega offers a variety of attractions including beautiful mountain scenery, wineries, waterfalls, unique shops, and restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines. Another attraction that lures visitors to the area is the Dahlonega art scene.

Many of the festivals in Dahlonega have an art emphasis with exhibits of local and regional artists showing and selling their work. The largest art related festival is the Arts, Wine and Jazz Festival held every May in the historical Dahlonega square and Hancock Park. The festival is sponsored by the local non-profit artists association Chestatee Artists. The association supports art education in the Dahlonega area as well as encouraging artistic expression among the member artists. Professional jazz musicians and local wine are also featured.

The Dahlonega art scene also includes some popular art galleries in the downtown area. They include the Bleu Gallery, Canvas and Cork and Brad Walker Pottery.

Bleu Gallery is located on the historic Dahlonega square and includes the works of many local artists. Some of the artists may be working in the gallery areas when you visit and would be happy to show your their work and discuss their craft with you. The gallery also has a wine tasting area with a variety of wines for tasting or for sale. For more information visit their web site http://bleugallery.net

Canvas and Cork gallery is located adjacent to Hancock Park and also features the works of many local artists. They also offer art classes on a variety of art mediums as well as a wine tasting area. On weekends they often have live music featuring Irish Jams and other styles of music. For more information visit their website: http://canvasandcorkdahlonega.com/

Brad Walker Pottery is located on the historic square and houses the work of Brad Walker a longtime Dahlonega potter and artist. Brad has been located at the same location for over 40 years and can often be found at his wheel at the back of his shop creating his unique pottery pieces. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Walker-Brad-Pottery/167060836641829

The University North Georgia has an active art department with exhibitions throughout the year showing works of students and faculty. The Bob Owens Art Gallery is on the top floor of the Hoag Student Center and has six exhibitions per year. https://ung.edu/art-galleries/dahlonega/index.php. The university also has the outdoor sculpture exhibition, a regional juried exhibition, featuring artists born in or residing in one of the 13 Appalachian States. More information at https://ung.edu/visual-arts/outdoor-sculpture/index.php

Out of Town Art Galleries

Around Back at Rocky’s Place Art Gallery is near Dawsonville, Ga and features the work of 200 folk artists, potters, wood carvers, fabric artists, and metal sculptors. Less than 30 minutes from the inn they are located at 3631 Hwy 53 East at Etowah River Road in Dawsonville, GA 30534. Phone 706-265-6030. Only open Saturdays and Sundays. For more information visit https://aroundbackatrockysplace.com/

Folk Pottery Museum of Northeast Georgia Sautee Nacoochee describes and shows the history of pottery in the Northeast Georgia mountains. Attached to the Sautee Nacoochee Center which features local history as well as local art on display and for sale, it is 36 minutes northwest of the inn. It opened in September 2006 and has won architectural awards for the building design. The museum contains an extensive collection of 150 pieces dating back to the 1840’s. For more information on exhibits, workshops, special events and hours of operation visit http://www.folkpotterymuseum.com/ .

Around the corner is the InsideOut Sautee gallery, market and wine tasting room. They feature local art and jewelry for sale as well as lunch. Gluten free options available. For more info visit http://insideoutsautee.com/index.html

Head south and also visit the Gourd Place at 2139 Duncan Ridge Road in Sautee. They invented a process to use gourds to make pottery. The pottery takes on the intricate physical charactertics of the inner part of the gourd with unique details. They have bowls, dishes, coffee mugs, earrings and much more. For more information visit https://gourdplace.com/

Come visit us and experience the Dahlonega area art attractions.

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Dahlonega Theater and Music Scene

holly theater and music

Dahlonega has always had a strong presence in the theater and music arts. Being in the foothills of the Appalachians music has been a tradition among families who have inhabited this area for centuries. The theater has gained popularity with the conversion of the Holly Theater from a movie house into a thriving community performing arts theater.

Holly Theater

The Holly was built in 1948 as a movie theater. Remodeled, it currently seats 256 on the main level and 50 in the balcony and houses a non-profit organization that produces musicals and plays with five main stage performances a year. Several musical concerts are presented each year as well. For more information visit http://www.hollytheater.com/.

Music Festivals

The Bear on the Square Festival happens every April and features Appalachian Music performances and workshops. For more information visit our blog post at https://www.georgiamountaininn.com/2018/04/01/bear-on-the-square-festival/

The Art, Wine and Jazz Festival features talented jazz musicians every third weekend in May. More info at http://www.chestateeartists.org/arts-and-wine-festival.php

Hemlockfest features live music all weekend. You can purchase a day pass or a full festival pass (3 days) and camp out on the property. The festival is held the first full weekend in November and raises funds to save the hemlock trees. For more information visit http://hemlockfest.org/blog/

Live Music Venues

Created as an intimate live music venue, the Crimson Moon located on the square in Dahlonega is the most popular music venue in the area. Many of our guests reserve their room with us after reserving their concert seats to hear musicians such as Amy Ray from the Indigo Girls, Sylvia (ACM Female Vocalist of the Year), Emi Sunshine and the Rain, and others that play at some of Atlanta’s and the Southeast’s popular venues. There is normally a cover charge for musical performances at Crimson Moon unless it’s open mike night. For their current performance schedule visit http://www.thecrimsonmoon.com/

Many of the Dahlonega area restaurants have free music on weekends. Check out their facebook pages for more information. These restaurants include Spirit’s Tavern, Bourbon Street Grill, Shenanigan’s, Pueblos, Gustavo’s and more. The wineries and Canvas and Cork Gallery also may have free music on weekends so check out their web sites and facebook pages too. The Dahlonega Nugget newspaper comes out every Wednesday and normally lists the live music events for the coming weekend. We have a copy we can share when you check in to our inn.

Appalachian Jams

Every Saturday afternoon from April through October musicians show up on the Dahlonega Square around the Gold Museum to perform traditional Appalachian music. The music jams are from 2:00 to 5:00 pm and you are free to watch and participate. For more info visit https://www.georgiamountaininn.com/2018/05/20/dahlonega-appalachian-jams/

First Friday Free Concerts

On the first Friday of the month from May through October there are free concerts in Hancock Park downtown. For more information visit our blog post at https://www.georgiamountaininn.com/2018/05/28/dahlonega-outdoor-concerts/

Come stay with us and enjoy the theater and music opportunities in Dahlonega.

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music on the squarel
Appalachian Jams on the Square

Dahlonega Gold Attractions

dahlonega gold museum

In the early 1800s thousands flocked to the Dahlonega area in search of gold and the chance to make their fortunes. Today thousands come to the Dahlonega Gold attractions every year to learn about the area’s history making gold rush and even experience the thrill of discovering gold in one of the local mines or rivers.

Gold was discovered in the Dahlonega area in the early 1800’s. The first gold rush in the United States was not in California but in Dahlonega. The rush started in 1828. When gold was discovered in California the second rush began and many left Dahlonega to head west in search of wealth and fortune. Prior to the gold discovery the area was primarily inhabited by the Cherokee Indians.

The gold rush in Dahlonega changed the atmosphere of the area dramatically with prospectors searching for fortunes and miners staking their claims. While it’s said that the first prospectors could just scoop gold from the rivers and land, that didn’t last long and the prospectors soon resorted to drastic measures to extract the gold from the land. Water cannons were used to blast away the soil to get to the precious rock with no regards for top soil depletion or the destruction of creeks and rivers.

Dahlonega Gold Museum

There are some great ways to experience the history of gold in Dahlonega. The first is to visit the Dahlonega Gold Museum in the center of the historic square. The museum operates in the oldest surviving courthouse in Georgia and features exhibits on the discovery of gold in the Dahlonega area, on extraction techniques including the water cannons and mining, rare Dahlonega gold coins minted in Dahlonega, and a neat movie with old timers telling the history. This stop would be considered the most educational of all the Dahlonega gold attractions. For more information visit http://gastateparks.org/dahlonegagoldmuseum.

For directions visit https://goo.gl/maps/xboAnU9bn8jdH1DaA

Diving Bell

After visiting the gold museum head over to Hancock Park which is adjacent to the downtown square. There you will see the diving bell found in the Chestatee River. The “bell” was made in 1875 and was submerged in the water with miners inside to check for gold in the river.

For directions visit https://goo.gl/maps/M79wrNvhQz8s3Hv19

Gold Panning Demonstration at Consolidated Gold Mine

Consolidated Gold Mine

For a tour of Dahlonega’s largest gold mine visit Consolidated Gold mine near the Walmart Shopping Center. The mine was also the largest gold mine east of the Mississippi River. You can take a guided tour into one of the mine shafts and see the tools used to extract the gold and get an idea of a day in the life of a gold miner. The mine tour is great to do in the summer months because the mine shaft stays in the 60s year round. At the end of the tour you can pan for gold and everyone gets to take home their prize gold flakes. This ranks as one of the most exciting of all of the Dahlonega gold attractions because you get to go down into the mine shaft. For more information visit http://consolidatedgoldmine.com

For directions visit https://goo.gl/maps/7evHpeojkKfcSwXK8

Crisson Gold Mine

Crisson Gold mine is an open pit mine north of town established in 1847 and has an interesting shop in the front for prospectors. There one can purchase some serious equipment like portable river dredgers to scoop up the river bottom and send it through screens to filter out the nuggets, metal detectors, and sluice boxes. Crisson is known as a hard rock mine and has a working hundred year old stamp mill to crush the hard rock to get to the gold. For more information visit http://crissongoldmine.com

For directions visit https://goo.gl/maps/SPiBJihRk1QPjeX39

Life Size Reproduction Stamp Mill

If you miss Crisson Mine and the stamp mill you can also see one at the Madeleine Anthony Park. The mill is powered by a water wheel. You can actually see it when you come into town from Highway 400. For directions visit https://goo.gl/maps/6iB6enj3AetBoaSP7

Come stay with us and experience the Dahlonega gold attractions.

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gold mine
Gold Mine shaft tour at Consolidated Gold Mine