Soap Nuts Instead of Laundry Detergent?

While twittering I had a follower ask me in a tweet if I wanted to try some soapnuts. They mentioned it was an eco friendly substitute for laundry detergent. We always use environmentally friendly laundry soap but I was intrigued and agreed to try a sample.

They arrived promptly by mail.

For those of you that have never heard about soapnuts they are berries that grow on trees in India and Indonesia. Their shells contain a natural detergent called saponin. They are gentle on clothes and skin so they are great for people with skin allergies and babies. The nuts are also biodegradable so they are great for the Earth.

The nuts come with a little cloth bag with drawstring. all we had to do was place 3-5 soapnut shells in the bag and throw it in the washer instead of detergent. We tried it on a load of personal clothing with great results. The clothes came out clean and fresh smelling (the nuts have no smell).

For more information on soapnuts and how to order some for yourself visit Laundry Tree.

We ran out of nuts and are back to using a standard eco friendly laundry soap.

For other eco friendly features we have at our inn visit conservation.

Where does your kleenex come from?

At Cedar House Inn we use recycled paper tissue and paper products exclusively. Such products can be purchased at most grocery stores. We happen to like the Publix Greenwise and Kroger Simple Truth paper products. Sometimes werecycled paper products purchase Seventh Generation.

Having more sources for recycled paper products have made them more affordable compared to the past. We feel it is our responsibility to pay a little more to get a sustainable product that is better for the Earth and saves many trees.

Kleenex which is made by the giant company Kimberly Clarke cuts down ancient old growth forests to make tissue for wiping noses and other things. This is not only environmentally destructive to the trees, wildlife and the Earth. It is also irresponsible. Please watch this video for more information.

UPDATE: Greenpeace and Kimberly-Clark have announced the successful resolution of the Kleercut campaign as the maker of Kleenex has established a new sustainability policy focused on protecting Endangered Forests. To find out more go to

The update shows the power of environmental activism and the consumer who demands that corporations be more environmentally responsible.

You can find recycled paper content products such as toilet paper, napkins, paper towels and computer printer paper. These are products we use at the inn.

Some may find it difficult to make the switch from Charmin to recycled toilet paper for example. Charmin and other premium non recycled paper tends to be much softer and thicker. Charmin also is not as good for your septic tank due to the thickness. I also wonder what goes into the processing of some of these toilet papers in terms of dyes and manufacturing methods.

Make the switch to recycled paper products today.

For more information about the eco friendly practices we use at the inn visit being green.

Laundry Day at Cedar House Inn

We had a great weekend with a full house for Saturday night. With check out Sunday morning we normally start the process of stripping the beds and doing the laundry. Yesterday was a cold and blustery day so we waited until today to start the laundry.

Our main reason for wanting to do the laundry on a sunny day like today is so that we can use our solar dryer instead of the electric clothes dryer.

Our washing machine is a Maytag high efficiency machine that uses little water and has a high speed spin cycle. The high spin gives us linens that our not totally wet but damp. This is perfect for our solar clothes dryer.

Our solar dryer, aka clothes line, not only saves energy since we are using the sunlaundry day using outside clothes line but also acts like a bleaching mechanism since the sun bleaches out the whites. Things hanging on the line also smell good.

Unfortunately many municipalities and neighborhoods do not allow for backyard clothes lines. They think they are ugly which I disagree. I like the money we are saving and the eco-friendly aspect of using the sun.

For more eco friendly methods we use at the inn visit our web site.