Getaway Away From the Crowds- COVID 19

getaway on river

Has the Corona Virus (Covid-19) got you rethinking your travel plans? Looking for a getaway away from the crowds? Come stay with us in the North Georgia mountains where the great outdoors is waiting for you to enjoy – just an hour and a half away from Atlanta, but from away from the crowds.

Check our availability calendar (grey box to your right) to see if we’re open when you want to stay. The yurts and two downstairs rooms (Chickadee, Mountain Bluebird) will be available for occupancy.

Cedar House Inn is the perfect place to base your mountain getaway away from the crowds. Our five unit bed and breakfast consistently earns 100% on its health inspections and we’re currently implementing extra sanitizing procedures to ensure our guests’ safety. Unlike other lodging two of our three rooms in the main inn and our yurts have private outside entrances that allow our guests to come and go without interaction with other guests if they choose. All our rooms offer windows that can be opened to the fresh mountain air. Our two yurts in the woods offer even greater privacy while enjoying nature. When morning temperatures reach 60 degrees we’ll be opening the outside screened dining room for breakfast allowing guests to eat at separate tables 6 feet from others in the fresh air.

Social Distancing

During the covid-19 period we have taken more extreme precautions for our personal safety and the safety of our guests. In addition to limiting occupancy to our yurts and rooms with private entrances we have also restricted use of the common areas except the screen porch dining room for breakfast. When you check in we will have already run your credit card and will remain six feet away during check in and orientation. We will also not tidy up rooms and yurts for multi nite stays and will not clean vacated units for at least three days after check out for our own safety. Restrictions may also be placed on occupancy in terms of availability to restrict number of guests staying at a time and to give the units ample time (at least 3 days) between check-ins to help minimize possible exposure.

This spring the beautiful North Georgia mountains are the perfect destination for travelers looking to getaway away from the crowds. The spring green of budding trees and bright flowers paint the landscape with color while still offering wide vistas from the mountain ridges. Waterfalls, hiking trails, fishing, horseback riding and kayaking offer couples looking for a secluded getaway  away from the crowds a variety of outdoor activities. Look at the bottom of this blog for links to waterfalls, hiking trails and other outdoor activities.

At Cedar House Inn we’ll provide you with a full breakfast in the morning that tides most guests over till midday. All of our units are equipped with mini fridges so you can bring your own food for your lunch and dinner if you choose, or you can take advantage of the wineries and restaurants in our area – many of them offer outside seating if you really want to getaway away from the indoor crowds. Wineries offering food and outside dining include Montaluce (full meals), Cavender Creek (snacks), Three Sisters (snacks), and Kaya (tapas). Restaurants in town offering outside dining include Shenannigans Irish Pub, Bourbon Street Grille, Capers, and The Corner Kitchen (deli where you could get sandwiches to go).



Outdoor Activities

Zip Lining Near Dahlonega

zip lining

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Soaring across the tree tops down a mountain like a bird in flight? Hearing the wind rush by while you descend from the mountain? Feeling a sense of peace with a feel of exhilaration all at the same time? If you have, maybe it’s time to try zip lining.

Zip lining is a safe and thrilling activity; trained guides help you get strapped into your harness and get your helmet fitted. The cable you use to glide down the mountain is thick and the fasteners are tested frequently. The only thing you need to watch out for is to keep your arms to your sides and sometimes you may need to cannonball to build up speed based on your weight.

In the North Georgia mountains near Dahlonega there are several zip line facilities that offer zip tours or rides. Among them are Amicalola and Unicoi State Parks and Nacoochee Adventures near Habersham Winery south of Helen. Specific information about the providers are shown below with links and directional maps from the inn.

Nacoochee Adventures

This is the only venue we have visited and tried. It is located next to Habersham Winery south of Helen. Several kinds of zip line tours are offered ranging in time from 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours long. They have gold mine and bear cave tours as well as the famous Intimidator which is one of the longest dual lines in Georgia. The bumpy bus ride to the top of the course is half the fun. They also zip in the rain. Open 7 days a week from 9am-6pm. Call for a reservation, (706) 878-9477, to insure availability. For more information visit their web site below.

Directions from the inn

Unicoi State Park

Unicoi State Park near Helen has two different zip line levels to choose from. Level one lasts 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours with 11 zip lines. Level two combines level one and eight more zip lines. Level two also zips over Lake Unicoi. Open most days and you can book start times from 10am-3pm. Book your tour online from their web site at . Also call at (706) 878-4740 for reservations.

Directions from the inn

Amicalola State Park

Amicalola also has Level One and Level Two tours. Level one lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours and features nine zip lines. Level Two has seven additional zip lines; the longest runs 2,000 feet and is 250 feet at the highest point. Open all week from 8:30am to 6:00 pm. Call (706) 265-1233 for more information or check out their web site for online reservations.

Directions from inn

Stay with us and enjoy a thrilling ride through the forest canopy.

Horseback Riding Near Dahlonega

horseback riding

Our guests come visit the Dahlonega area to enjoy the many activities available here in the North Georgia mountains. Some stay with us and ask about where they can rent a horse and go horseback riding.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice, the mountains provide a great place to ride. You may love riding on a cool Fall day with the leaves changing colors or you might prefer the the Winter when you can see for miles. Our local stables are here to cater to your needs any time of year with horses chosen just for you based on your riding experience.

The horseback riding providers in the area have two significantly different approaches and you can choose based on your preferences. One rents you a horse and then sends you off on your own on the trails located on their property. Their horses know the way, and the trails are marked and obvious in terms of where to go. The other provider rents you a horse with a guide to take you on the trails.

Both horseback riding providers are open on weekends but may close based on weather. As they say if the weather is bad for you it can’t be good for the horse. By weather we are talking about rain, high heat or cold. Rentals are by the day or hour and vary among the self-guided and guided rides.

There are currently two horseback riding stables in the Dahlonega area that rent horses.

Sunny Farms North

Sunny Farms is a family owned operation located south of town. They are open most weekends, 9am-4pm, depending on the weather and may accommodate you weekdays if you call and they know you are coming. Guests like Sunny Farms because you get a horse and are then free to ride the many trails on the property on your own. It is all self guided. The horse is saddled and ready for you to go. For more information visit or call them at 706-867-9167. Picture above from Sunny Farms. Directions from the inn to the farm

Gold City Corrals

Gold City is located west of town towards Amicalola Falls and only offers guided rides. You can get one and two hour rides as well as half day rides. The one hour ride is recommended for beginners, two hour for the more confident and half day for riders with some experience. They are open daily for reservations by visiting their web site or by calling 706-867-9395. Visit their web site at Directions from the inn to the stables