Bed and Breakfast Inns Near Dahlonega- The Search Begins

These days it’s becoming harder to find “real” bed and breakfast inns near Dahlonega. The problem lies not in a drastically reduced number of bed and breakfast inns, but in industry changes in lodging, OTAs (online travel agencies) and search engines. This post will cover the changes that have occurred with searching for inns on the internet and the lodging options that call or list themselves as bed and breakfasts when they actually aren’t. The term “buyer beware” should be called “searcher beware”.

The first step is to determine what you are really looking for in a lodging accommodation. A “real” bed and breakfast inn normally serves a complete breakfast and often has on site innkeepers and owners. Check the web site listing to see if breakfast is offered. Many AirBnB properties and lodgings listed as hotels or just inns may not provide a full breakfast .

Most genuine bed and breakfast inns also reflect the personality of the innkeepers. Interaction with the innkeepers begins with the check in and continues throughout the stay through breakfast time and check out. The innkeepers also provide concierge services in regards to dining recommendations and things to do to make the guests stay more memorable. If you are seeking privacy at a bed and breakfast many bed and breakfast innkeepers will only interact with you when you want them.

If you Google “Dahlonega bed and breakfast inns” you will notice the 4 pack results with pictures. Often “real” Dahlonega, Georgia bed and breakfast inns are listed in the 4 pack, however you may also see listings for lodging with “hotel” and “inn” as part of their name. They do not serve breakfast or offer the features mentioned above for “real” Dahlonega bed and breakfast inns. Real B & Bs are often listed below the 4 pack in the organic results. If you click “more results” at the bottom of the 4 pack you will get more listings. Look for listings with “bed and breakfast” in the title or listing description.

A second step in your search is to determine where the bed and breakfast inn is located. Is it near the town of Dahlonega and the area attractions? If you have used and trusted TripAdvisor for unbiased reviews of bed and breakfasts over the years, you are not alone. But it’s important to be aware of that TripAdvisor searches are no longer driven by guest reviews, but by booking commissions. TripAdvisor now prioritizes listings according to the lodging’s availability on OTAs like Expedia and It is not unusual to find lodging listed for Dahlonega that is actually 45 minutes away. Why? Because TripAdvisor will make a commission from the OTAs if you book through them. Lodging – including some bed and breakfast inns in the Dahlonega area, may not be listed on or have availability on the OTAs. These bed and breakfast inns will be listed at the bottom of your search on TripAdvisor. Do you want to drive 45 minutes to get to dinner, hike, shop or visit wineries in Dahlonega and then drive back another 45 minutes to stay at the “Dahlonega” inn you reserved? Always check the location of inn before booking.

A third issues when searching for Dahlonega bed and breakfast inns online, is true availability. If you are using the OTAs to search for your B & B, be aware that some OTAs may show no availability when there are actually units available at an inn that catches your eye. Go to that inn’s website and check for availability. You may be pleasantly surprised. You will also help the inn since they will not have to pay a commission.

Cedar House Inn and Yurts provides the characteristics of a real Dahlonega, Georgia bed and breakfast inn. We offer a full organic breakfast each morning, services provided by the owner innkeepers and located only 10 minutes from Dahlonega. We are also close to the wineries in the area and Wolf Mountain Winery is only 1.5 miles away.