Horseback Riding Near Dahlonega

Our guests come visit the Dahlonega area to enjoy the many activities available here in the North Georgia mountains. Some stay with us and ask about where they can rent a horse and go horseback riding.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice, the mountains provide a great place to ride. You may love riding on a cool Fall day with the leaves changing colors or you might prefer the the Winter when you can see for miles. Our local stables are here to cater to your needs any time of year with horses chosen just for you based on your riding experience.

The horseback riding providers in the area have two significantly different approaches and you can choose based on your preferences. One rents you a horse and then sends you off on your own on the trails located on their property. Their horses know the way, and the trails are marked and obvious in terms of where to go. The other provider rents you a horse with a guide to take you on the trails.

Both horseback riding providers are open on weekends but may close based on weather. As they say if the weather is bad for you it can’t be good for the horse. By weather we are talking about rain, high heat or cold. Rentals are by the day or hour and vary among the self-guided and guided rides.

There are currently two horseback riding stables in the Dahlonega area that rent horses.

Sunny Farms North

Sunny Farms is a family owned operation located south of town. They are open most weekends, 9am-4pm, depending on the weather and may accommodate you weekdays if you call and they know you are coming. Guests like Sunny Farms because you get a horse and are then free to ride the many trails on the property on your own. It is all self guided. The horse is saddled and ready for you to go. For more information visit or call them at 706-867-9167. Picture above from Sunny Farms. Directions from the inn to the farm

Gold City Corrals

Gold City is located west of town towards Amicalola Falls and only offers guided rides. You can get one and two hour rides as well as half day rides. The one hour ride is recommended for beginners, two hour for the more confident and half day for riders with some experience. They are open daily for reservations by visiting their web site or by calling 706-867-9395. Visit their web site at Directions from the inn to the stables

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