Green Bed & Breakfast

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Green Features

At Dahlonega's green bed and breakfast inn we have incorporated many things into our operation to insure that we are good for the environment.
  • Inn Structure features a "passive solar design" by it's orientation due south and roof over hangs to keep out the summer sun but invite the winter sunshine.
  • Yurts are built on decks to minimize footprint on the Earth. We have also strived to enlarge inn spaces on already existing concrete slabs to minimize footprint.
  • When we purchased the property trees and shrubbery did not exist. We planted over 300 trees and edible plants for shade, food and wildlife habitat. The vegetation also helps in sequestering carbon dioxide and lowers the property's carbon footprint. Property is also certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. We also have built swales to conserve rainwater to help soil and plant health. Many ask what's a swale? Nurse plants have also been added to the landscape.
  • We have a "freedom lawn" that requires no chemicals or fertilizers where weeds, moss and clover are allowed to grow with various grasses. Watering has been eliminated and mowing greatly reduced.
  • Incandescent light bulbs have been replaced by LED and CFL bulbs which saves electricity and reduces heat.
  • Low flow shower heads and sink aerators (1.5 gpm) are used in all bath rooms. Guests do not experience a weak flow since the special shower heads mix oxygen with the water for good flow and it's better for your skin. Low flow toilets are also used. We pay attention to our own water footprint.
  • We use Energy Star appliances.
  • We also have a solar powered linen dryer (clothes line) and use it in good weather. The sun's UV light also make a great disinfectant and the linens last longer.
  • Storm windows are on all windows that are not multi paned.
  • Hot water is heated by propane which is more energy efficient.
  • In 2009 we placed the dark asphalt shingle roof with a silver metal roof that not only lasts longer but makes the inn cooler and permits us to use rain water catchment. Two large rain barrels collect water for the gardens.
  • We only purchase pasture raised eggs and organic fruits, veggies and coffee. We also serve lacto-ovo vegetarian for guests breakfasts.
  • Each room and yurt has a recycle bin for guest use for plastics, glass, metal cans and paper. We go to the recycling station a couple of times a month. We strive to purchase items in containers that can be recycled, composted versus thrown away.  Guests enjoying the area wineries leave us a lot of wine bottles. Unfortunately styrofoam is difficult to get rid of so we minimize purchasing with styrofoam containers.
  • We have several wine bottle trees on the property and string together plastic lids, craft
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    beer caps and wine corks for decoration. We also have beer bottle garden edging.

  • We compost all food waste/scraps in our compost bins to avoid throwing it in the trash can bags. Our trash cans do not have any odors and only need emptying at the landfill several times a year. We have much less garbage than other lodging and also much less than many of our guests homes.
  • We only use recycled content paper products for napkins, tissue and toilet paper.
  • Earth friendly cleaning products are always used and we even make our own. Use green laundry detergent too.
  • We drive a 2001 First Generation, 2 seater Honda Insight Hybrid that gets over 52 mpg.
  • Have a 1981 VW diesel pickup that we are restoring and have dreamed about converting it to run on used vegetable oil.
  • Soap and shampoo dispensers in the rooms and yurts cut down waste from those little plastic bottles in hotels.
  • We have received Trip Advisors Green Leaders designation every year since it started.

    We also have won Best Eco Friendly Inn on Bed and

We invite you to come and stay with us at Dahlonega's Green Bed and Breakfast.

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