Hemp – The Environmentally Sustainable Alternative

Hemp has over 25,000 product uses that help the environment including paper, plastics and food. Hemp paper saves the forests and hemp plastic does not require oil. Henry Ford made an automobile body out of hemp plastic. I remember seeing the video of him hitting the car with a baseball bat.

The plant is easy to grow and requires no fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. It canhemp also thrive growing in poor soil and better than ideal environments. It also grows very quickly compared to trees which makes it a great source for making paper and wood.

We have purchased hiking shoes and other clothing made of this remarkable plant and found them both fashionable and durable.

Why has it been illegal in the USA up until recently? This is the industrial version. Not the kind you smoke. When the tornadoes wiped out the very old pecan groves in south Georgia they talked about the years it would take to produce pecans again. Why not plant hemp and receive a profitable cash crop quickly?

We use it in our composting toilets at the inn. It is crazy that our government bans this wonderful plant.

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