Need a Vacation from your Oblication?

The better half and I just got back from a ten day oblication – you know, the kind of vacation that you feel obligated to make when what you really need and want is a vacation. The kind of trip you feel obliged to make – not to say you don’t love the folks your visiting whether they’re your elderly parents, siblings, children or friends in need. An oblication is the kind of vacation you find yourself needing a vacation from. We always plan a day or two on our own anytime we take an oblication – in Maine we spend a few nights in Portland, in Florida we hit the beach, in Texas we’ve enjoyed San Antonio and Austin.

Our recent oblication took us on a 16 hour trip by car to visit my siblings and elderly parents in Texas. It was a tough trip emotionally with no down time built in to just be on our own. No vacation from the oblication. Fortunately, we happened upon Abita Springs, Louisiana the little town just east of the half way point on our drive and home to the Abita Brew Pub and Abita Brewery. We made the most of our stay there and toured the town before heading on the second leg of our journey, then stopped again on the way home for dinner at the brew pub and a self-guided tour at the brewery. Hoping to spend two nights there on our next trip for a real vacation from our oblication so we can take the guided tour at the brewery, stay at the local b&b and ride the Abita Trail.

The Dahlonega area is the perfect spot for an oblication vacation. Whether you’re visiting relatives in the North Georgia area, attending a conference in Atlanta, or driving through on your way to visit family or do work in the surrounding states or others hundreds of miles away, Dahlonega is a great place to wind down and enjoy a little just you time. Already this year we at Cedar House Inn have hosted oblication travelers from Virginia, Michigan, Florida, Texas, and Ohio who stopped by for a little “time for just us.” The holidays will bring in even more when young couples come home for the holidays and need a little break from the family. If they’re lucky, couples with children leave the kids with grandma and grandpa for a day or two and enjoy a romantic night or two in the Dahlonega area by themselves – a perfect oblication vacation!

Next time an oblication takes you through or near the north Georgia mountains consider an oblication vacation in Dahlonega where every season has it’s charms. In late winter and early spring the town is quiet and the mountain views go on forever. It’s a great time for hiking, browsing through the shops and tasting rooms downtown and enjoying a good meal at one of our many restaurants. Several of our wineries are open throughout the week and make a great romantic stop.

Spring and summer in the Dahlonega area offers even more activities for your oblication vacation. Hiking through mountain paths dotted with wildflowers and waterfalls, tubing or kayaking down the Chestatee River, horseback riding, and cycling are added to the activities waiting for you here.

Fall brings the leaf season with the mountains turning brilliant shades of crimson and gold. Dalonega’s largest festival of the year – the Gold Rush Festival – takes place downtown on the 3rd weekend of October. It’s our busy season with shops, restaurants and wineries going all out to provide guests to the area with entertainment and special events.

If you find yourself in need of an oblication vacation from your family Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukah trip, Dahlonega won’t disappoint. The Dahlonega Square will be decorated for the holidays with the official square lighting usually taking place the weekend after Thanksgiving. Throughout the month of December there are carriage rides, visits by Santa, carolers, and plenty of good old Southern holiday cheer.