Dahlonega Appalachian Jams Saturdays

Come stay with us and visit Dahlonega for the Saturday afternoon Appalachian Jams happening from April through October.

Mountain music has been a tradition in the area for many years. Music has been an important part of the families that have been born and raised in the area. The music and instruments are an integral part of the family heritage with children learning how to play the instruments at an early age. Sitting on the front porch with mom playing the mandolin, dad playing the banjo, brother playing the guitar, little sister playing the autoharp and uncle Jim blowing the jug. Another relative may also be playing the juice harp or harmonica to their favorite bluegrass or gospel tunes. Makes you think back to an old Any Griffith show with the Darlings playing on the front porch with Andy playing his guitar.

Some of these families are happy to perform for you and congregate around the Dahlonega Gold Museum State Historic Site every Saturday afternoon for Appalachian Jam sessions. The Appalachian Jam gives traditional mountain music players the chance to get together and celebrate the kind of music that has been performed in the Appalachian Mountains for generations.

Musicians bring their instruments and gather on the historic Public Square to jam. Everyone else should come on down and listen or dance. Everyone is invited to attend. If you are an experienced or novice musician bring your  instrument and play along.  We have had guests who do.  If you do not play just bring yourself to listen and enjoy.

For more current information visit the organizers  Facebook page.

Come and enjoy the free Appalachian Jams and experience some of the heritage of the North Georgia mountains. If mountain music is something you enjoy also check out the Bear on the Square festival blog post at https://www.georgiamountaininn.com/bear-on-the-square-festival/

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