See the Stars

Many guests who visit our inn love to come and see the stars. No we are not talking about movie stars even though we are located not too far north from the Atlanta film industry. You won’t see Robert Redford even though “A Walk in the Woods” was partially filmed near here. No stars from the movie “Deliverance” either but you may hear banjo music near the Chestatee river so paddle faster.

What we are talking about is seeing the stars in our dark skies. Since we don’t have street lights or city lights like Atlanta or even downtown Dahlonega that “wash out” the dark skies, we can see thousands of stars on a dark cloudless night. We also see the Milky Way and shooting stars! It’s not unusual to see our guests sitting on the patio with a glass of their favorite wine enjoying stargazing. Some even use their phone app to identify the various constellations.

We also try and minimize “light pollution” seen in the city by minimizing outdoor lighting and only providing light for the safety of our guests. We don’t light up the trees or inn structure like some landscapes which is beneficial for stargazers and wild life alike. You can frequently hear the hoot owl at night expressing his favor. Our location is great for Dahlonega stargazing.

The University of North Georgia has a planetarium and observatory if you are really interested in stars. The planetarium theater seats 46 and houses a Digistar 5 digital planetarium system, which can project starry skies on a thirty-foot diameter dome. Experience a simulation of the night sky as seen from anywhere on the surface of the Earth at any time of night. The system also allows visitors to explore other planets, moons, and stars. Shows are free Friday nights and start at 8:00 pm with doors opening at 7:30 pm. No reservations/tickets required. Directions

The university also has an observatory at Pine Valley (10 miles or 16 minutes from the inn) and guests are invited to come to the observatory on Friday nights after the planetarium show to see the stars closeup. The Friday telescopic viewing begins after sunset, weather permitting. See the for updates on the observatory operating status. For planetarium information visit . Directions to observatory

Come stay with us and see the stars in our dark North Georgia mountain skies!

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When is the best weather for Dahlonega stargazing?

When the least amount of clouds are in the sky. When humidity levels are low is better because clouds and thin clouds are less prominent.

When is the best season to see the stars?

Colder months are usually great because of lower humidity and less clouds so Fall and Winter are great. Shooting stars tend to be more abundant from our patio if you look towards the west. We will probably have some fresh homemade chai tea to sip on.

Where is the most spectacular place to see the stars?

Just north of the inn near Woody Gap, Hogpen Gap and Blood Mountain where there is absolutely zero light pollution.

When can you see the Milky Way?

Most dark nights with limited clouds you can see the Milky Way overhead from the north east to the south. Just have to make sure the moon isn’t too bright. We can see it from the patio.

UNG observatory, see the stars