Using Urine in the Landscape- Liquid Gold

“There’s Gold in them Thar Hills” is favorite old time saying in the Dahlonega area regarding the prevalence of gold during the early 1800’s Gold Rush.  In this post I am not referring to the precious metal gold but liquid gold. A substance that every human being produces in varying quantities. Also called Urine.

In Sweden they have found that urine is a valuable natural resource and is used as a natural fertilizer in farming. High in nitrogen it is especially good for leafy green vegetables. It is diluted with water in a 8:1 ratio.

They also found in Sweden that it is easier to process human waste more efficiently if the urine is not mixed with the feces. It is also better for the environment. They have even developed urine diverting toilets to separate the liquid gold from solids. It’s also interesting that privy’s or outhouses do not create odors when the solids are separated from the urine.

The innkeepers have used urine for years on the property. Correction: Mary Beth would not donate hers. We both purchased urinals at Wal Mart for collection of the liquid gold. Mary Beth’s was called a “sheurnal” and has never been used if anyone is interested.

We found many great uses for the urine besides serving as a nitrogen fertilizer in a 8:1 ratio mentioned above. It also can be used without dilution on the compost pile as a compost activator and breaks down the pile quicker. It also can be poured around the perimeter of your garden or plants to keep the deer away. We learned that this would work when deer were not a problem when our dog Stu was around marking the property. When Stu passed away we had the deer return so Fred had to mark the property not always using the urinal (don’t try this guys if you live in a neighborhood or the neighbors may talk, using a urinal is safer).

For more information read the book Liquid Gold which can be purchased on Amazon.

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